Heirloom & Co. offers a broad range of consulting and advisory services to help you navigate the complexities of real estate investments in Texas. After over 20 years in the business, we know that every project and property comes with its own distinct set of challenges and opportunities. We examine every angle to identify the critical components, anticipate problems that could arise and create a strategic plan of action to move your project forward efficiently and effectively.

Whether conducting a detailed financial analysis, assembling a team of specialists, coordinating workflow, representing the project in a public forum or revising our strategy along the way based on new information, we use a combination of technical, creative, and project management skills to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet your business needs.

Though much of our work focuses on development projects, we are also equipped to help with numerous other aspects of investment real estate, such as feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, permit feasibility assessment, acquisitions analyses, market analyses, and redevelopment/repositioning strategies.




  • Vet your existing and prospective real estate hedge fund, partnership and direct land investments with independent document review and verification, property inspection, analysis and recommendations.
  • Explore and coordinate landowner conservation finance options and market-based incentives including conservation easements, wetland and species mitigation/conservation banking.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis relevant to your unique land holding or target acquisition. Heirlooms approach employs land investment fundamentals, independent thinking and foresight.
  • Provide advice to identify and maximize the suite of embedded values of a current or prospective landholding for highest and best land asset utilization.
  • Secure zoning, permits and other land entitlements.
  • Provide clarity to navigate and solve complex land issues and challenges.
  • Perform short form phase one property overviews, including site visits, property valuation assessment and land use review.
  • Heirloom & Co. can work well with the existing team you have in place, integrating with your attorney, in-house staff, estate planning team or professionals.
  • Land investment services are provided nationwide and not limited geographically.












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